Umm...glad I could help?!

Day 7 in the bag! I'm still collapsing in a pool of sweat at the end of the workout, but I can feel myself getting stronger. My HRM was fairly accurate, but I messed up entering my resting heart rate correctly this morning. The watch is new, it was dark when I woke up, and I finally got up and walked into the bathroom so I wouldn't disturb my sleeping husband. I'm going to try and re-enter it correctly tomorrow.

This afternoon, I did Jillian's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism dvd. OMG! What a killer workout. 55 minutes of pure kickass cardio. My HRM confirmed that I was really working and I burned many more calories than my other afternoon routines. This one is definitely in the permanent rotation!

Spring, I swear I ignited my fat-burning potential! LOL
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LOL. I just meant its nice to hear of someone else at my same weight/size.

I made boyfriend do Jillian with me today (that sounds off, I know). He's a fairly fit guy, hasn't been doing as much as usual lately, but still works out a few times a week. He was not saying nice things to her by the end.

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