Allergic to Meat: Lone Star Tick May Make Vegetarians of Some - Yahoo! News

This whole thing is so bizarre, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming as I was reading it late at night. But now I think I was bit by one. I feel too bad to get into the symptoms now but was wondering if anyone else has it? What are your symptoms? IDK if I should report this to the health dept or what. I'm making a dr appt tomorrow. I haven't heard of any cases in Ohio but I guess Ohio is in the Bible Belt (?). I live in a rural area and tics are everywhere esp this season. My pets are treated but they have them. I've picked one off me. I'm so freaked out but feel almost too poorly to be freaked out. I think this latest spell is over so I'm going to go lie down. I thought to ask here so I could see what all areas are being hit. May be something else i have but the symptoms add up. I've also felt hazy irritable and almost confused the past few days and others have had this as well so thought it was a virus.