Lol How times have changed due to political correctness (criss cross applesauce) and overprotective parents raising their bratty, entitled kids.

We had a bus driver in middle school tell us to "sit down and shut the hell up," after we got rowdy. Someone told their mommy and we got a new driver.

In HS, my history teacher pushed a kid through the fake wall because he said "Thats not what your wife said last night." He got severely reprimanded (not fired), but he voluntarily moved to another school in the district.

I could go on and on with stories, but honestly disrespecting authority is a big part of modern culture in America. And parents standing up for their bratty kids is an even bigger problem.

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I'm confused. Are you saying the adults in those situations responded to disrespectful teenagers appropriately and due to the culture of disrespect in America and extreme political correctness, they were unfairly reprimanded/punished?

Blame it on the cell phone...