Lol. I always thought my natural color was black too until I dyed it. I'm afraid to say I love the way my hair looks jet black and I may have relapsed into a bad habit. I dyed my hair back in April ( I think) and so far I can't tell a difference in my roots and the ends. And as long as I don't notice I'll try my best to leave it alone.
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That's my problem exactly. I don't like dark brown and since I no longer do the ridiculousness like hot pink and blue or orange or teal (lol) jet black looks so nice and is the least damaging. One thing I notice is that the tips of my hair aren't really really holding the color well. They fade while the middle stays jet and my roots grow in the natural dark, dark brown. Have you ever had this problem? Do you think it could be because of porosity differences in my old hair versus my newer hair? Or do you think it just means my ends need to be trimmed? I did my first self trm in around march or april.

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