Some of my thoughts on marriage:

1. People have been getting married at later ages over time, this is a fact. This makes sense as women have more options now than they did 50, 100 years ago. It used to be that women had to live with their parents until they married.

2. People who live in urban areas tend to get married at later ages (if they marry at all) than people in small towns/rural areas, also a fact according to studies I've read.

3. Another study, people who get married later are more likely to stay married for life (I figure you've got less years left that you need to make it work, lol, plus you hopefully know yourself and what you want more than you did in your 20s).

4. The above are just generalizations and trends, of course there are many other experiences.

Is a marriage "unsuccessful" just because it ends? What if you were good to each other, good for each other for an amount of time, but grew apart or otherwise realized an incompatibility?

I would not get married if there was no such thing as divorce, because 21 or 41, sometimes sh*t just happens.

I am 39 and glad I did not marry any of my exes who proposed in my 20s or my 30s because I knew deep down it just didn't feel right with any of them.

My friends and I don't get the big deal about being married. It is so built up as this rite of passage, but for whatever reason I've managed not to romanticize it much. Only 1 of my close friends is married, she did it at 41 (and has regrets). I would do it eventually (with someone I wanted to be with anyway of course) but for practical reasons, not romantic ones. Justice of the peace with a witness, and a celebration with friends afterwards.
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