Purchased from abcurly on the 17th. I know it hasnt been long, but she hasnt replied to any of my requests about when she is shipping and stupid me...she joined the same day she posted to sell her stuff. I think I've been had.

ETA: I did receive this, but with zero contact from her, even after multiple messages.
Fia: 2a f/m ii
Normal porosity, low-normal elasticity, fine-medium, medium-high density

I have the laziest waves imaginable. Still trying to figure out how to make the most of them. I have permanent beach hair.

CG as of 6/2/12

Low poo: Devacare low poo, SM Coconut & Hibiscus
CW: VO5 kiwi lime
RO: Cure Care or GVPCB and Tresemme Naturals when I need moisture
Leave in: CJ CCCCL, CJ Beauticurls
Enhancer: Ecostyler, Re:coil, FSG w/ mag sulfate, SSCEJ
Styler: AIF, AG Foam, CIAB

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