Plus, I got issues with following Lonnice's "instructions" on texlaxing...20 minutes on, and rinse off.

I'm not licensed and I know that texlaxing ain't necessarily that simple. If you have different textures on one head (which is very common), using the "20 minute rule" all over the head is going to yield "interesting" results. Heck, a lot of pros can't get it right, because to do it "right" is more involved, and takes more time and care than the average stylist is going to want to invest. That woman's hair could have been destroyed, and then what?

Finally, no one is "discrediting" anyone's journey. But some of the reasoning behind the decision was/is questionable, and definitely worthy of discussion, if the OP wanted to put it out there.

I don't care what anyone does to their hair, nor do I care about the reasons behind what they do...not in a "I'm concerned" kind of way.

But I agree with the other posters that people don't get that nappy/kinky/coily hair has a learning curve (sometimes steep), and you have to dig your heals in and work it out, or you probably won't be in the game for long...and that's fine too.
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