I look back on my life and when i first got a relaxer at age 13 anyway..even when i had a relaxer i use to always use a curling iron to achieve curls or rollers

i never really wore my hair just straight

I've always found straight hair to be very boring

Well it's been 12yrs since i've straighten my hair with relaxer. And my hair is a bit past my shoulders(where it is staying! i dont want it longer than that LOL!!

anyway..as i look back on it and even now i never really did like straight hair. It always seemed very boring to me and plain and nothing really special or fun about it.

Do others feel the same way? Or do you like the versatility of going straight(hot comb) and being natural as well?

I honestly dont like the "straight" style
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No. I'd like longer hair, though.

"Don't look back and ask why, look forward and ask why not!?" - Unk.