I walked into a hairdressers as I'd seen a set of combs in the window I wanted. My hair was curly from a twist out and it looked cuuuute.

The stylist came running up to me soon as I walked in and she goes "Wow, I'll just start mixing up the relaxer... Virgin hair costs more, by the way. Or *eyes lighting up greedily at the thought of making more money* you could have a weave?"

Worst part? Her hair looked jacked. If you have a weave sewn in that does not match a) the texture, or b) the colour of your own hair, please do not think you can put it in a huge updo. Catching glimpses of straight red Korean hair, tracks, thread and the uncared for knots of your natural hair all at the same doesn't fill me with confidence that you know how to do a damn thing with my head.

I've heard some rough things said from customers to stylists too, but that's a different thread