The extreme southern part of Ohio is in the Bible Belt Bible Belt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,
plus Ohio is one states where the bug lives. IDK why they used the term Bible Belt to begin with since the meaning of it seems to vary, instead of being specific. I do have food allergies plus a poison ivy allergy so I get hives every summer around this time. It's a cluster allergy and I'm not as allergic to poison ivy as much as I am mango for instance because it contains less of the chemical that triggers the reaction. I already had hives so IDK now the exact cause. My other symptoms are like that of a stomach virus - I have an appetite but I'm repulsed by food as I'm eating it particulary meat and feel really bad afterward, sick to my stomach and just extremely bad. Then I get better and go through it again.

Anaylactic shock is the most severe reaction caused by this allergy. Not all food allergies and very few cases of this caused anaylactic shock. You should read first before spreading that kind of misinformation, and who are you to say I don't have it? Maybe I don't, I'm just worried at this point about whatever it is that's making me feel bad. I was asking a specific question, not to be internet diagnosed.