You know IDK what it is with people's attitude on this board. The hair sections and such are so nice. I guess I didn't notice it before because I haven't spent as much time here before. I wouldn't be now but I'm sick and now I'm sick and tired of people's attitude problems. If you're going to give out wrong information with a high and mighty sarcastic attitude to someone who is sick and stressed no less, you're going to get called on it. If anyone has any actual experience or with this or useful advice they'd like to share please PM me because I have no wish to return here.
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People can get snippy off the hair boards, but we also fight there, too. Mostly about hair types and when someone argues that she really has one type of hair instead of another, because she believes it to be "better." This happens even with wavy v. curly, I promise.

Anyway, Midgi's not really argumentive, ime. I live in Ohio too, and I really hate parasites, which is why I don't walk in the woods behind my house ---- I'm afraid of ticks landing on my dogs or me. Also, it has been very hot lately, which certainly takes away my appetite: have you seen a doctor and had the site where you think the bite might have occurred examined? It sounds like it would be helpful.

Get well soon, regardless.

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