last year, a story in the NY Times caused controversy by basically stating that our individual taste in music is cemented at the age of 14. the research cited in the story was done by a neurologist at McGill University in Montreal.

one of the reasons they noted, were the number of long-term, successful musicians who turned 70 last year and in the coming year (like Paul McCartney this month) who all had similar musical influences at the same time as the birth of rock/blues.

being myself way more tied to the music from the late 60s and early 70s, i can understand this.

but there's one song for me that i remember first hearing the year i turned 14, that still takes me back to that first time i heard it.

my aunt brought a new vinyl album over to a dinner at our house that she wanted my parental units to hear. by that time, the album had already been out 2 years and one song had made a minor impression in the summer of 1972.

the lights were low and candles were flickering and my aunt put the lp on the turntable and the first beautifully haunting notes of Harry Chapin's Taxi floated out into the room.

40 years after it was recorded, i still LOVE the song.

and when i hear those opening notes, i'm taken back to that darkened room with the candles flickering with everyone in the room paying rapt attention to Chapin's storytelling ability.

what song from your 14th year speaks to you?
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