question for you ladies who conditioner only style: do you use a lighter or heavier condish for every day use?
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i don't always do conditioner only styling, but i do it often. my hair is very dry, so mostly i use a deep conditioner as leave in. i rotate with cj hibiscus and banana deep fix, spiral solutions deeply decadent, cj beauticurls leave in. i do use other conditioners, but not for a conditioner only day.

and, since spiral solutions deeply decadent is great in my hair but is a rich conditioner, i sometimes use another conditioner that is a little lighter as a leave in, blot excess water, then add spiral solutions dd as a curl cream. ssdd works great this way! and sometimes i use cj curl rehab as leave in or on top as curl cream.

everyone's hair is different. i have seen hair that is very curly and fine that looks great with only cj beauticurls leave in.

you have to experiment and see what your hair likes. if you need more during the day, you can spread some conditioner on your hands, the run a little water over your hands, then run it onto hair --that very little water helps to emulsify the conditioner and prevent the frizzies. or, you can target one or two curls/sections of hair that seem dry, and add a little conditioner down the length without risking frizzies.
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