Anyone have any suggestions? I feel like I've used them all at one time or another, and either the websites have now totally changed, or there's a whole new set of websites out there.

I want an easy way to keep track of what I eat, so I don't convince myself "Oh, go ahead and have that glass of wine, you've eaten well today!" at night, for example. I want a lot of foods in the database so I can easily pick what I ate, but at the same time I don't want the same exact food in there 30 times because people kept entering the same food with a misspelling. I find that so annoying.

I'm not really concerned with tracking my activity at all. It's just food. And I'd rather not have a website be "yelling at me" that I didn't eat enough carbs, for example.

So, what do people use? What's the most user-friendly that you've found?

I was using CalorieCount for a while, but I just want something new and fresh because I'm really trying to "start over".
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