@Bleuyteuy I don't know too much about porosity but I trim my hair about every 4-5 months so that could be what you need.
I'm only 5'5" so I would imagine my hair would be about 3 inches shorter than yours at waist length. My hair is cut into a v shape too so I figured when I got to waist length I would maintain it there until it was all even, but knowing me I will probably keep growing until it gets as long as it can.
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Yea I don't think id be able to maintain nothin id keep growing if I were you. What's your ultimate goal? I think I'm going to get another trim in the next 2 or 3 months or do it myself again. I just like to be in control and having someone near my hair that's taken so much prayer and work to grow doesn't make me feel very much in control. Plus I know I baby my ends and I've noticed that a lot of people ends kind of naturally turn lighter.