I'm a little depressed today. Yesterday I came to work with one of the best hair days of my life, I mean my hair looked legitimately 3A that day with the most luscious body and volume I've ever seen before. I had a lot of compliments, but then, there's that evil straightening comment once more...

"You know, you have such lovely dark hair, and I seriously think you should straighten it. It would look so good if you did."

Before that, she complimented on my curls, but then she said that! I'm like wtf, if you like my curls so much you wouldn't even suggest that. It's like telling someone their car looks nice but they should buy a truck. Confusing!

This is like, oh I don't know, the tenth time since I've been employed in this job over half a year ago that I get that kind of comment, and now it's really getting to me. I feel as if I'm really not as blessed as I thought I was... that my natural hair texture simply does not work for my face or anything.

I'm sorry for the whining. I just wish I had more strength to resist to conform to others, but I'm so so sad. What do I do to deal with it?
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