iroc, you're a maniac.

Welcome, bellavida!

So I did the treadmill today and I think I am losing. my. mind. I did a whole hour (y'all just don't even know, at my normal 30 minutes I'm DONE), I jogged/ran some and when I was done I did some exercises and some weight stuff. The music really is helping me go longer. I'm proud of myself for it because when I initially started I wasn't feeling all that great and thought I'd just do my 30 minutes and quit.

Also, I know this might sound silly, but sometimes when I'm walking there is this girl (I think it's a girl) that rollerblades a loop around the park near my house and watching her come around really was motivating me (my treadmill is upstairs where I can look out the window). She's having such a great time and mercy, it looks like so much work, but she's sassy and I enjoyed watching her cruise around the corner at the intersection. I can only see her for a minute, but it was some good motivation.

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