Can you please explain to me what GVPCB, JCRR, and LALSG, CK, and BRHG stand for ?

I use Yest to Carrots too! And I find for my hair it works really nicely.

I used to have long high porosity hair (that I made that way from dyeing) and I cut it very short back in Dec. Naturally my hair is very low porosity but I've normalized it a bit so that's where my hair is now but it definitely is still leaning low porosity.

I find that certain oils don't work for my hair anymore now that it's back to being low porosity. Oils that work pretty good for me are jojoba oil and castor oil. I suspect it's because both act as humectants and can draw moisture to the hair. I can't use coconut oil anymore unless it's just rinsed out after a hair coloring (coconut oil helps the hair retain protein and for me a little protein after hair coloring helps strengthen my hair). Extra virgin olive oil still works pretty good for me. I use it to cut my castor oil. I really like macadamia nut oil and sweet almond oil in small doses. I guess cause these have some protein in them is why I can't use a lot of it.

I find products that are water based and have some emollients in it work pretty good for me. I try to avoid products with high protein (even though I do use gels with protein..but I spray my hair with a glycerin and water solution so that helps counter act it some).

I am super cheap so most of my stuff comes from the drugstore. I really like these conditioners: Yes to Carrots, Garnier Fructis Creme Fortifying Conditioner, and Tresemme Naturals. I also like Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine and Suave Naturals Mountain Strawberry.

For gels I really like: Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera, Fantasia IC with Sparklelites, Kiss My Face Upper Management, Luster's S Curl Stylin Gel, and Ecostyler.

Now.. a note about Ecostyler. It has protein which can be a hot mess for my low porosity hair. For me the blue Ecostyler probably is really ideal since it's (the protein) not so high on the ingredient list but I use the pink and the Olive Oil kind too. When I use those two.. I just spray the heck out of my hair with my glycerin and water spray first and make sure I have enough of my leave in too. It counter acts any hardness as it dries.

Now some products that I've heard are good for low porosity that I haven't tried yet are Paul Mitchell The Conditioner and Curl Junkie.

Paul Mitchell The Conditioner does contain silicone but from what I understand is that they are water soluble. And I've known low porosity people that use it and love it. There is supposed to be a generic version of it at Sally's Beauty Supply store that doesn't contain any cones. I'd check though if I were you. I intend to do so.

A lot of people of all porosity types LOVE Curl Junkie because they have a range of products that can cater to your needs. Check out their webpage with product recommendations for different porosity issues:
Product Selection Guide

I certainly intend to purchase some in the future..I've just been stubborn because I'm cheap and to me Curl Junkie products are a little high. But from what I understand from just about everyone I've talked to that use it..say their line is certainly worth the price.

Some controversial treatments for low porosity hair is the baking soda treatment. Where you take a curly girl friendly conditioner (one without silicones, mineral oil, or petroluem..an example would be Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition or Tresemme Naturals) and put a teaspoon or so of it in some conditioner and apply it to the hair, slap on a plastic cap for a while, then rinse it out. You can then do an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (that's just 1 part ACV and 4-5 parts water). It's suppose to help the cuticle go back down. I don't do the ACV rinse at all. I just do the baking soda in some conditioner as I said and I rinse it out really well with warm water and I shampoo my hair the next day with a sulfate free shampoo like Aubrey Organic Honey Suckle Rose or Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo.

Baking soda is alkaline so it helps to lift the cuticle and allow moisture and other ingredients into low porosity hair. ACV is acidic so it's to tighten the cuticle back down.

Another alkaline product that some low porosity people like is very diluted castile soap (just small bit in lots of water..you can just pour some in a bottle and then fill the rest of the bottle up with lots of water and use like any other shampoo), Like Dr. Bronners, Dr. Woods, or Desert Essence to wash their hair.

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