I don't really understand your question...

But if you want to protect yourself, just go to Planned Parenthood. I usually put that I have no income (because I don't) and they give you a free supply of birth control pills for an entire year. They also give you a bunch of lube, condoms, etc.

Just look up Planned Parenthood, call and set up an appointment. It's great too if you're on your parents insurance and you don't want them to know that you're sexually active. Sadly, I know a lot of woman who have to do it this way because their parents are in denial about their daughters have sex and they're 100% against it anyway.

Birth control is great. It has helped me tremendously with mood swings related to PMS and I no longer get cramps (only minor when period comes on).

If you want to get pregnant just get off the pill. It'll take a few months to get back on track, but it shouldn't cause you any harm.

The only problem is that BC causes women to be attracted to men they really shouldn't be attracted to (women on BC prefer men that smell like them, when you're supposed to prefer men who smell differently) and it might have a lot to do with divorce rates, IMHO. A lot of women that I know, once they got off BC they couldn't stand their husbands. Could be due to the smell, since someone who smells like you is either related to you or you won't produce the healthiest offspring. It's a natural response to find someone that smells like you repulsive (when it comes to mating, etc.)
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