Uuuh... What? I don't feel uncomfortable around non-Black people. I'm part-White, there's White people on both sides of my family, my step-father is White. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is people who are ignorant and refuse to see that not everyone is treated equally in this country. Especially when it comes to the treatment of women and POC.

The only reason I may choose to hang out with Black people more often is because of cultural differences, but I don't pick my friends based on race since I myself am multiracial anyway.

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Not everyone is treated equally in this country because we are human beings with flaws and life is not fair. People who don't treat you the same because you are black are the same people who will treat someone differently because of their hairstyle or the car they drive. Those people will never go away. People who make fun of the disfigured people they see in church. They're all part of the potpourri.
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There will always be evil people who choose to be evil, but they're not the majority and people shouldn't use them as examples to represent the whole.