Just the ones I know. Honestly. You're trying to be a black who speaks for all whites which is funnier. You're trying to tell me I'm wrong about white perceptions. Why? Because it's not what you heard in your propagandized college course on black studies? BWAHAHAHAHA!

What would you think if there was a small percentage of whites within a group of blacks and they only seemed to interact with one another?
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I wouldn't care??? If they're not doing anything wrong then I don't see the harm. People can hang out with whoever they like. I don't care if I see a group of White people hanging out. I don't care if I see a group of Asian or Hispanic people hanging out.

People can do whatever they like.
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Blacks are always emphasizing how they're treated differently. If you are most often seen interacting with one another, it affects people's perceptions of you as a race. This pattern of socialization is seen nationwide, so it is a broad issue.
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So what do you suggest us minorities should think about White people who only interact with other White people?
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