You said you socialized with blacks more. White people talk amongst themselves about blacks seeming to all know one another and all of that. Like your friends said. And we hear all kinds of bad things about how racist and awful whites are, and we wonder. Seriously.

You lived in Austria? Well, I guess you have perspectives that I couldn't possibly have from that alone.
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Most of my friends at my university are Black, yes. But I have other friends of other races. Most of my friends in San Diego are Mexican or Asian or White. All my friends in Austria were White.

I really do not know what you're saying here.
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How many blacks are in Austria? Not too many.

Anyway, whites are badgered by messages from media about how we don't ALLOW blacks into our communities and how we EXCLUDE them from our lives, but it seems like it is often the choice of blacks to separate themselves the majority of the time. You said you hang out with blacks MOST of the time. Which is fine, but it does affect perceptions. Because most blacks do this. We can all share anecdotes of this, wherever we live.

It reminds me of how I couldn't get a friend who was black to move into a non-black neighborhood. She wanted to be with people like her. Well, what are people going to think if they see that over and over?
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Are you seriously implying that people in general don't hang out with people who are more similar to them? Except black folks?

Where do you live?