So we are doing a trail run with a three month old puppy. She is very sweet and loving but we are having great difficulties with housebreaking her.

She was paper trained which in my mind means she has had no type of potty training and given that she is three months old is fairly set in her ways. We take her outside very often but more times than not she is not interested in eliminating but playing almost as if she does not associate outside with a bathroom (which may have been the case). When she does go we praise her and give her treats to let her know she did good. I thought maybe she may understand by watching my other dog and smelling his scent on the yard but no such luck.

However because she was never trained while very small she seems to have no ability to hold her urine and eliminates when the urge strikes. She even went inside her crate last night both urine and feces. That concerned me because I always thought dogs typically will not eliminate where they sleep. So I am wondering if she is having problems controlling the urge and if it may be possible to teach her how to control at all.

So I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice or tips on how to go about the training process. TIA!
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