I think a lot of people are freaked out by the notion of the coil being placed and then just staying there. I've also heard lots of people say things like "but what if it gets loose and punctures something?" Not sure if that applies to anyone here, just people I've spoken to IRL.

I plan to get Essure this year sometime (I kinda put my whole life on hold for grad school, but now I'm done).

@SL5000 How was the confirmation test after you got Essure? I've heard it's worse than the procedure itself.
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Worse than the procedure? No, it was just a regular x-ray.

The procedure was a piece of cake, too. It takes 10 minutes, no pain, no incisions, no bleeding.
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Thanks. I had read things about the xray tech forcing the liquid (forgot what it's called) in to prove that the tubes were completely blocked, and that being a painful experience.

I'm sure that, like all things, for every bad experience you can find there are dozens of good ones that no one felt compelled to write about.
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