@ Spider and Subbrock and any other boardie who had a tubal within the last 5 yrs:
Why didn't you choose Essure? My gyn gave me the option of either but said Essure was the better choice. What did your gyns say?
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To be honest, I don't remember hearing too much about tubal vs. Essure. My OB/GYN was just really focused on talking me out of anything of the sort (but I guess that's another can of worms). And mentally I wasn't in a place to split hairs about the subject. I just wanted to make sure I had no more children. Tubal, Essure, hysterectomy, magical elves--I didn't/don't care. As long as it works, I'm good.

After looking at the difference between the 2 procedures and experiencing one first hand, when all goes as planned and there are no complications, are the two more similar than they are different? The benefits of Essure are that there is no surgery and I think it's effectiveness rate is 1% higher than a tubal ligation, am I missing another important detail?

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