I've never heard of or seen any kind of nod amongst black people. But I grew up around all white people in the country so who knows. What I did notice however was when I got to college black people would greet each other (verbally). It was odd at first to me but I just fell in line so as to not let people see me as rude. There were so few black people so I get it. My white friends on the other hand would get upset about it but for the life of me I couldn't figure out why- heck, I greeted white people too if they made eye contact! But many white people would talk about black people segregating themselves because they would all sit together in the dining halls and the like.

I pointed out to one friend that while, yes, many black folks sat together, look at every other table around us (we were in the "white section"). They were ALL white people sitting together. So what's the difference? From then on out she sat with me in the "black section." She finally saw that EVERYONE gravitates to what's familiar--it wasn't just black people.

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I went to predominantly black jr high(97% black and of the 3% other, white was the least). All the white and most other people sat at one table in the cafeteria in the middle. And outside before the bell rang, all the white people sat in one area as well.