Rice and beans, dal (I make this one, but with an entire head of cauliflower), stir fry, Asian noodle bowl, veggie burgers (I love these), vegetable nuggets or fritters - I love zucchini or cauliflower fritters, soup, pasta with veggies, hummus/veggie pizza, pizzas without cheese, pasta with tomato sauce and plenty of vegetables tossed in, and dishes with eggs as the main star. I make an "eggs benedict" with steamed asparagus and chopped tomatoes instead of the Canadian bacon. Eggs in purgatory, curried eggs, eggs and wild mushrooms over polenta (I stir spinach into my polenta), huevos divorciados, or something nut based like a nut roast.

My sister in law is a vegetarian, but my niece has a dairy allergy, so she eliminated dairy for now. I cooked her quite a few dishes when I was visiting.

I love this website too The Clean Eating Mama