I didn't say there couldn't be any. I just don't understand why there would be. The egg is just getting stuck. Nothing else is different so I don't see how it's changing a natural process. Eggs don't always make it to the uterus even without the tube being tied.

It's just something I don't understand, which is why I said I said I didn't get it. But I think after 30 years, it's probably too late for me to worry about so I won't bother looking it up. : )
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I know, its like everyone telling me, 'but there aren't any side effects to the copper iud BC its not hormonal'. Well, I get that, but there was for me! I assumed it was just my body responding to having something foreign implanted in there. I even had a gyno look at it, but he swore it was in there correctly, so it wasn't the problem. But it was. So I just took it out myself.

Maybe I'm just super sensitive to body changes.

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