I went to a school that used that curriculum. It didn't make me believe in Nessie, hate Catholics, or not believe in evolution. I mostly just laughed at it because I knew that stuff was stupid.
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Maybe this is a stupid question, but how did you know better? My Christian-home-schooled co-worker said he honestly didn't have ANY exposure to evolution prior to going out on his own. I'm sure being in a regular school is different than homeschooling, but I still wonder.
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I read a lot, and honestly, it just was too stupid to be believed. I have great parents who were very involved in my education and filled in a lot of the gaps my curriculum, plus they always encouraged me to be an independent learner. If something sounded wonky, I'd go read some library books to find out more. Unfortunately, a lot of people aren't so interested in educating themselves so they probably do believe that nonsense.
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Ah. I think parents encouraging independent learning is huge. His parents kept him away from libraries, bookstores, etc. and he was done before the Internet was really widely available, so his only source was his parents, church, and the books they provided. He said his parents told him he couldn't go to regular school because other children were evil.