I'm hoping I put this into the right forum, I am new here.
I have had natural hair for about 7 years now and it has already gone through a FEW different styles and a second big chop. My latest hair vhange came after my mom and I talked for a while about getting brazilian keratin treatments done. I wasn't interested, but my mom was for it and I decided to try since it is suppose to wash out after a while. If I didn't like it, I could go back. This was pretty much how it went the first 2 times I got it done. The last and final time, however, permanently changed my curl pattern. I have tried using clarifying shampoos to get it out, but nothing has worked. What makes it so much worse, is that the straightest strands are at the very front. At my hairline, aside from the new growth, the majority of the hair is straight; no curl AT ALL. The rest is still pretty curly, if not quite as tight as my natural hair. Right now, I only wear my hair in ponytails. I have tried twist outs and it hasn't worked, since the straight strands won't curl up quite the same. I don't want to start wearing it flat-ironed since I know that can just further change the pattern. I have also considered braids, but my hair grows really fast, more so now than it ever has before, and I would look messy in just a few weeks. I REALLY want to stop wearing the ponytails since I know it is not helping, but I don't know what to do otherwise. I really do not want to cut it all off again. It makes me sad just thinking about how long it would be now if I hadn't started locing it 3 years after I went natural. (I had them cut off after a year and a half)

I would really appreciate ideas on what to do with my hair, or tips on how to get twists and other transitioning styles to hold, since my attempts so far have not been very successful.