Thanks everyone! She did great today despite the morning chaos that ensued. One accident but I stopped her mid stream and she finished outside. It was a beautiful day so we went to the softball field and the dogs ran all over and tired themselves out. She almost slept through dinner! We are about to head out for an after dinner walk to see if that gets some things moving. I only wish the weather could stay nice and I always had the day off . I plan to get up a little early tomorrow so I can walk her and might try to get up during the night once to see if that helps.

Rosanna I do feed her twice a day only because she is a chow hound and will eat constantly if I let her. This has been hard for my other dog though who is a picker. I haven't quite worked that out yet though. And her crate is a pretty adequate size and not very large. So the crate messing is still kind of a head scratcher.
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