I've got it, was diagnosed 9 years ago. I can't take anything for it but muscle relaxers and/or sleeping pills, which don't really work, so I don't really take them. The pills specifically for fibromyalgia actually did work pretty well for me (Savella, Lyrica), but then my kidneys went kaput and those were the first drugs to go...along with the metformin for my PCOS. My body is one hot mess.

Ironically, the first thing that helped me drastically reduce the pain was eliminating caffeine from my diet. It can make you hypersensitive to even more pain. I didn't realize.

I cut out caffeine, carbonation and artificial sweeteners (not just diet sodas, but stuff like Crystal Light and that stuff). It wasn't for the fibromyalgia, but rather a decree because I had an episode of complete kidney failure for about 2 weeks. Now, they're only working at about 50%. All of the above are really, really hard on kidneys, I'm told. Now and again, I'll drink Sprite/Ginger Ale to deal with nausea, but otherwise, it's water with flavored stevia because I hate the taste of regular water. And I drink at least 64 oz of water a day. The volume of water is for my kidneys, but the constant flush of toxins from my body helps with the pain management of the fibromyalgia.

Those things were the biggest help in pain management. Yoga was also a huge help. My doctor also suggested a white noise element in my room to help remove anything that might disturb my sleep cycle, so I have a box fax always running on low in my room to drown out house noises and be able to sleep more continuously and more deeply.

Massages are a huge help if you can afford them. They were a huge pain reliever. Just make sure you drink tons and tons of water afterward or you'll feel like you got hit by a truck. It helps release the toxins in your muscles that tend to be released when they go into the repair mode during the 4th stage of sleep that most people with fibromyalgia don't reach. That's what my doctor says causes a lot of the pain is that the we don't reach the restorative level of sleep where muscles repair themselves and they retain those toxins. At least...part of it.

I know some people with RA are able to eat 1/4 cup of dries Montmorency Cherries and it helps with the inflammation and pain. I tried it and it did help me quite a bit with the pain. I can't stick with it. I'm hopeless.

People have also told me alkalized water helps them. I was told about it by a girl who had RA, but the fibromyalgia specialist doc here says it's pretty cool. Our bodies are acidic by nature, so if you alkalize it, it can change the toxin levels in the body. You can buy an alkalizer machine, but they're WAYYYY expensive. There are places around me that you can just go and purchase the alkalized water for a fee with reusable containers. It doesn't last very long, though, so you have to go often.