I am LOVING the Coil Jam. I did take me awhile to figure out the right amount for my hair. Too little and not enough hold....too much and crunchy. I have finally figured it out and consistently get the best curls I have ever had. I usually need some protein in my styler to perk up my curls ( but then get that drying effect over time) but this Coil Jam is amazing. I love it. I like the Satin Roots also but often need more moisture and too much glycerin can be a bad thing for my hair. So I use CJ Beauticurls leave in or Curl Rehab and both work great. The glycerin in the Coil Jam doesn't seem to bother me. It also rinses really clean with no build up. I am glad I stuck it out and kept trying to figure out the right amount...totally worth it. So glad she is making this product. Just had to share.

Oh, I also LOVE the Curlycue Renew...amazing conditioner.