I was so upset when I read this earlier. For one, I agree with Maloney. He cannot give up those documents; and what is he supposed to do especially since the President decided to exert his right to Executive Privilege? "Cooperation has not been forthcoming" - So, what? Holding him in contempt is supposed to make him give up the documents sooner?

They're just being petty, like children. What does a child do after they realize their parents won't buy them that toy after all? They strike out in a tantrum, so they can feel like they have some control over the situation. They hope to embarrass their parents into getting them what they want and they don't realize all the while that they're the ones looking foolish.

Farenthold needs to sit down somewhere (I mean, really. When have we ever asked for his opinion?), and, the statement released by the family, while made out of grief, is so... Ugh.

Contrary to popular belief, Americans cannot and do not need to know everything that's going on in politics. We get so upset about under-the-table deals and secrets and we wouldn't know what to do with the information if we knew it. We elected to officials to lead. We need to let them lead. (And I'm not saying blind faith - But I am saying some measure of faith. Everything is not for everyone to know.)
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