I had a BIG scare today. I was feeling chills earlier and even had my heater on today in my office so I decided to take these supplements I have called "wellness formula". they are huge horse pills but always seems to make me feel better. Well I didn't have much water left but I wanted to take them to feel better. I popped all three in my mouth and took a swig of water. BAD IDEA! I gagged, one must have gone down, one easily came back up and one was stuck. I mean stuck. I closed my door to my office and started coughing and yakking hoping it would come up but it wouldn't. I know it must have sounded bad. after about 40 mins of trying to get it up or push it down I called my parents and told them I needed to come over (they are about 7 miles from my job) so they could hit my back cause it just seemed stuck. of course my mother was scary. I was nervous driving home but made it. I was getting panicky and didn't want to obstruct my airway and pass out or worse. I had my dad call the pharmacist. she suggested eating something to sort of push it down, at first it hurt. she said if that didn't work I might need to go to the e.r. where they could use forceps to get it out. the banana wasn't pushing it down, it was lodged in there. my mother left the bathroom to get me some water (also suggested by the pharmacist to push it down) and God's wisdom told me to jump up and down which I did fast and furious and the pill finally went on down no problem, gravity I guess. thank God. it was terribly scary and I looked a hot mess. we learn cpr and the Heimlich for my fitness certification but I have never heard anyone say jump up and down if something is gets stuck.

anyway, just sharing with you ladies in case you or your children ever have a situation where something goes down the wrong way and gets stuck.

btw, no more chills
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