hey gals! i had loc extensions placed on my 5 inch all natural hair May 2010. May 2011 i unraveled the extension and spent 36 hours detangling an additional 5 inchesnof locced hair that had grew and beenretwisted throughout that year. So under my extension wraps my 5 inches of hair was the same as the day sh wrapped it. still straight. not brittle or damaged at all.

im ashamed to say that after i combed out my locs i only need a good trim and conditioning. My hair was the longest its ever been! and i ruined it quick weaves...only 3! i did more damage removing quickweaves than removing my locs. So ive beeb wearing sew ins the past year but their not helpin my damaged hair.

Im close to doing a 2nd big chop at this point cuz i can clearly see 2 textures. my end 3-5 inches r all fuzzy and split and uneven. the hair closer to my scalp has more definite curl pattern.

What do yall recommend to bring my hair back to life?