i simply wasn't thinking. i didn't think that would happen but i think that's what most people think before choking. even though it was stupid or embarrassing i wanted to share with y'all in case you, a loved one or friend is ever is a situation where this occurs. i certainly would have gone to the doctor but i wanted to at least see if i could get it to come up or go down first. since i could still breathe, talk and wasn't in excruciating pain i figured it was worth a try. the pharmacist even had a suggestion of things to try before going to the er. i am happy it was resolved without a $250 or more e.r. visit bill. my throat is sore and i'm going to rest tonight but i might be in even more pain if forceps had been used to dislodge it. i'm grateful to be okay.

again, hope none of you are ever in the situation but if you are what helped me might help you.
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