That it will look bad, get cut to short. Or I'll have no idea what to do w it, one min I will post a pict if my just out of shower w/ tresme mouse and some cholesterol another question: my hair always is super dry in mornings but when I put conditioners in it it just gets drier, my mom says putting water and conditioner will dry my hair out
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what kind of conditioners? do you seal?
21 y/o lifelong natural {4a-O ; spongy ; coarse ; dense ; MBL stretched}

products {'poo: TJTTT shampoo | RO: TJTTT Condish | LI/style: TJTTT Condish, homemade cocoa butter cream | DC: condish + ayurvedic powder(s), Aussie 3MMM Treatment | PT: condish + NPF | oils: castor oil, grapeseed oil | other treatments: probiotics, tea rinses, AVG rinse/spritz, oil rinse | sealing method: LC sometimes O}

long-term: HL stretched, BSL unstretched

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