I started choking once and actually peed on myself. So glad you are safe...and dry!

Wait...you were choking for 40 mins and were able to use the phone and drive?

Ugh, I feel so uncomfortable just reading about this. I keep clearing my throat! LOL Thnx for the PSA.
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thanks for making me laugh yes i was dry.

it's the weirdest thing. my throat wasn't very lubricated, then i tried to swallow with very little water 3 tablets (pic attached to show the relative size compared to my pinky fingernail).

what happened is one when down, one came up pretty easy so there was one left and my best guess is that it was just lodged there (thankfully in a not dangerous location). it wasn't obstructing my air supply or my ability to swallow. water alone wasn't forceful enough to push it down. i tried to get it to come back up by holding my head down, etc but i think it was lodged in near or around one of the folds in your throat, perhaps the folds are there to protect. i'm not really sure. based on what i was feeling the pill was definitely uncomfortable (my throat is still sore) but i think it's because it was hard and wedged in my throat and i was forcefully trying to get it to come up but i wasn't going to kill me immediately. i wouldn't have felt comfortable laying down and of course any food i consumed probably would have helped push it down but the last thing i wanted to do was eat until the pharmacist suggested a banana or something to help it move down. i made the decision to drive to my parents because i was calm, coherent and they were close and if something did happen with the pill i wanted to be with my parents not around coworkers.

believe me, i've learned my lesson!! i never had issues with pills but i'll never swallow 3 at a time ever again and i'm going to buy a pill splitter just in case. i'm taking a break from all vitamins until my throat isn't so tender.
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