Mix it ahead of time and freeze it for a week+. Results should be more intense.
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Yeah, my last 2 batches were frozen. It really seems to help. I think I need to leave my henna on longer too. I can never find 6 spare hours to leave it on my hair but that seems to work best.
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I do it overnight, wash it out the next morning/day then deep condition for at least the rest of that day. However, I never bother to let the dye release for more than 30mins (the time it takes the hot hibiscus tea to cool down). I let it release on my head. I'm too disorganised!
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That's what I should do. I don't like taking showers in the morning but that may be what I have to do or else henna less often. If I keep hennaing, I'm going to get a higher dye content henna to see if it covers greys better. I don't have a lot of greys but the ones I have are hard to cover with henna. I go back and forth on if I want to keep doing henna or switch to box/salon coloring.