Cute hair! I would put it around 2a/2b right now, but it looks like there's more curl potential there. First, do you know your hair properties? That will go a long way in helping you pick products that may benefit your hair. See this link for more guidance: Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics

If you have fine hair, I would definitely recommend protein. Most fine haired wavies do very well with protein. You can try products with protein in them (low-poos, conditioners, stylers) or you can try a stronger dose using a protein treatment (my favorite is IAgirl's gelatin PT, but it's a strong hit of protein so you'll want to be sure your hair likes it).

If you have coarse hair, you'll probably want to avoid protein and focus on moisture.

I think the majority of wavies find they need at least occasional low-poos, and some find they do even better with very regular low-poos. For example, Shea Moisture makes very nice low-poos you could try.

What products do you currently use and what is your routine when styling your hair? Have you tried techniques such as super-soaking, plopping, diffusing, scrunching (and scrunch-n-pump), etc?