It's gonna sound weird, but acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. I'm an acupuncturist, and went through menopause while in acu school (Yes, I was *way* older than my classmates!)

I had a friend do 'warm needle' treatments on the point called Ren (or CV) 4. I swear, after the first treatment I was juicy again! It was absolutely crazy. We did it weekly, but on the third week it felt hot immediately, and I knew that we were overdoing it.

The treatment is putting the needle in the point (It's below your belly button), and putting an herb 'cotton' called 'moxa' on the needle. It's then lit, and it smolders like incense. The acupuncturist has to be careful, but if you're trained to do it, there should be no problem. I use warm needle technique in clinic all the time.

The heat from the burning herb warms the needle, which sends the heat where it's needed. If you were my patient, I'd try that once every 2 weeks for three treatments. There are also good herbal formulas (your acu will know about those) that can help the transition. The dryness is just one symptom, and a damned uncomfortable one!

FWIW, I still have bouts of dryness, but 7 years after my last period they are few and far between. And I've never had the treatment again after those first three. Yes, it was miraculous for me, and YMMV, but it's worth a try!

My gyn recommended 'Replens' (OTC), and I used that for a bit.

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