Thought I'd share this with you all

It's not in the tub/pot like the regular Ecostyler, it's in a large squeeze bottle (which i like because I find that more hygenic), but the bottle says "EcoStyler" so I'm assuming it's still EcoStyler.

I used it yesterday over my FSG and got the same results I get when I use the clear EcoStyler so no problem with the actual product. Nice sticky hold that scrunched out beautifully with no crunch.

They had two different varieties of EcoStyler, 16oz size bottles. One is argan oil, that's the one I got, and the other is olive oil. The bottles aren't clear, they're tan-colored, with red writing or green.

If you're a fan of EcoStyler, and have 99 Cent Stores near you, it might be worth checking out to see if they have any
That's me with FSG as my styler!!

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