Hey girls (and guys)! I need some help. I've been straightening my hair for years and as a result, it hasn't grown in about a year and it's very thin. So I'm on my way to being a curly girl again.

When I use gel/hair spray (I know... alcohol) it gives my hair hold but I have to use too much product. When I do my hair that way, I get curls like my picture over there <--- It's cute and everything, but the slightest wind or moisture makes my hair look like a rats nest.

If I don't put anything in my hair and just let it dry (if I'm not going anywhere or just went swiming) I really like how my hair "curls." It looks really similar to this ---> http://i.shoppinglifestyle.com/galle...HilaryDuff.jpg Just with a little more curl.

The problem is that it's so dry! I've always had very dry hair, even back when I was always, every day, a curly. Every single thing I've tried in my hair doesn't work. It seems like my hair just absorbs whatever it is and then stays the same. I would love to have my hair look how it does when I don't scrunch with gel/hair spray, but how can I control the dry/frizzy look? I've tried John Frida, and it seemed like my hair just ate it and stayed looking the same. I love curls, they're beautiful, but with my face the softer looks just look much better on me. (I have a large nose lol.)

And I really can't do the "wash your hair only twice a week" thing because my scalp is VERY oily. I can't even really skip a single day without oil building up.


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