Check "Curly Hair Basics" here: Live Curly Live Free - Home . This will enable you to learn your hair type (or you can order a hair analysis from this site, as I did). This will help you to know what products/ingredients your hair is likely to do well with.

How often do you do deep treatments to replenish your moisture? I do deep treatments weekly and use a leave in conditioner morning and evening to be sure I am getting enough moisture in the desert where I live.

Using conditioner twice a day, using rich moisturizing products (if your hair isn't weighed down by them), and deep conditioning can certainly remedy the dryness you are noting. You might also want to look into co-washing, washing with conditioner rather than shampoo. It works well for many here.

You might also require a protein regimen, I certainly do.

Basically finding the right balance of protein and moisture is most important in getting the best hair results.

Once you find out your hair properties, you can compare your hair to the signatures here, and find out what works for others with your hair type.

P.S. Yes, as Rimi mentions silicone buildup can have a lot to do with your present problems, so checking out the CG method is a good idea.
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Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.

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