Yesterday I decided to just try a leave-in as my styler, namely GVP CB. I used a dime-sized amount, coated my hair, scrunched a little, then let it air dry. I didn't have to go anywhere, so I was okay with however it turned out. It dried into soft, bouncy waves (I'm a 2a/b/c depending on which piece of hair you are looking at). That was the first sign that my hair liked it.

The second sign was that I woke up this morning without having my hair standing up on my head (it's too short to pineapple correctly). It looked just like it did when I went to bed. I didn't even have to rewet or anything.

Thirdly, it's raining here, so the humidity is up this morning, and while I have more volume since I have no gel whatsoever, it's tolerable. It looks and feels nice.

Has anyone had success with just a leave-in only regimen all year long? Thinking of how simple this could make my life and how much my wallet would love it if this could work all year. It's really amazing. I haven't not used gel in so long, I just thought it was necessary. Anyone else had success?
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When I read this I thought, hey who wrote my story for me?? It was raining heavily 2 days back, I just used some conditioner as I anyway wasn't going out, and I loved the results! Today I again used styling creams and my hair has clumped too much, it has a mild plasticy feeling and I am not having volume , I thought I was doing something terribly wrong (Been CG for less than a week) But then I came across your thread!!! So guess it works for me too!!
Here is a pic of only conditioner, not sure if this is as good as the long time CGs here, but this is the best my hair has ever been!
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CG since 27th June 2012! loving it!

Co-wash: TBS Rainforest Moisture Conditioner
RO: TBS Rainforest Moisture Conditioner, TBS Banana Conditioner
LI: TBS Banana conditioner, TBS Rainforest Moisture Butter
DT: Olive oil, Coconut Oil, TBS Rainforest Moisture butter
Styling: Organix Moroccan Styling Cream, TBS Cottonseed Curl Boost, Nature Republic Hair Gel

Why so many TBS in my list? Coz I live in a country where only TBS has english labels, wish I had access to more products!