I had a bout of no growth last year. My hair just stopped growing. I know this because I color and had no roots.
The first thing I did was abuse it with too much styling. Too much washing song raking and everything. O it stopped thriving. Net I put in henn but instead of ing water I mixed with lemon juice. In three weeks I did it six times. Next thing I know I have a patch of vey very short hair. So I cut it all off. I did it in nov 2011. So now I'm bld n it won't gro. O I started wearing a wig. From nov to may, I got a half inch of new growth. Out of desperation, I started looking for growthbid evn though I didn't think any existed. I came across mtg by Shapleyd. I researched for three week. I read sll the comments and reviews. I purchased it. I looked at it for another week. Then I tried it. This is crazy but I saw growth in a couple of days. Long story short I started using it on may 15 and 4 weeks later I had 3/4 inch of growth. I used it a lot the first week and sparatically the other three.
It stinks. I can only use ehn I'm not going out. I started mixing with lemon oil and that helped. This wee I ordered the sulu max. Sme thing ith scent added.

If interested you'll need to do you on research. I feel your psin. I am hoping to gain 8 inches by december. (any crazy spelling is due to suggestions which I'm about to turn off)