As I was reading through this forum I was really relieved to read that I am not alone in the fight against my curls. Yes, I am also ashamed to admit I fight AGAINST my curls. Like another poster pointed out, I also feel different with my poofy hair. Even with my curls in the best shape I always feel out of place when everyone elses hair is straight and smooth and under control. No matter how nicely my curls are tamed I still feel like its a mess : ( Right now my hair is healthy, I know this bc its strong and not breaking off and barely and split ends but it doesnt look healthy. Its straight(ish) but stringy and dull

What I did enjoy most being CG was my hair had a lot less split ends and it grew relatively more healthy. I am hoping to keep it healthy as I'm straightening it more but am having questions along the way.

A few things to consider:
-I dont plan on straightening it more than once, maybe twice a week. On the days that I dont have it down, I will wrap it up in a loose bun.
-I still plan on using a co wash up to twice a week and a clarifying shampoo 2-3 times per month (if needed, keep reading)

I've been trying to get my hair nice and straight for the last few months and I think I've just given up. It just doesnt get straight, flat, smooth or shiny and Im pretty sure its bc Im not using styling products with silicones. I want to start using a little of silicone product in my hair just to get my hair looking nicer otherwise I hate it straight and curly. If I start to use silicones I plan to use the clarifying wash 2-3 a month or as needed.

What Im concerned about is all my hard work on keeping my hair moisturized will go down the drain. I dont expect it to be in the best shape with the straightening and at the same time I want to go easy on it. Being that most of the research Ive done says silicones prevent moisture from getting into the hair my question is about my routine.

If I plan to continue a co wash and apply a leave in moisturizer after a shower, then apply a styling aid and heat protectant (maybe both with cones) can the leave in moisturizer counteract the silicones drying effects.

Right now Im co washing with Suave naturals, leaving conditioning with Jessicurl, styling with phytodefrisant relaxing balm and tresemme heat protectant.

Im basically just trying to get the best of both worlds and dont know if this possible.

Can anyone offer any insights or advice. Im willing to try and experiment a bit more. Thanks in advance!