Naturallycreole, I was going to go ahead and get the Red Raj but I see it's sold out. I might go with Yemeni because from what I've read in its reviews, it dyes deeper than Jamila. I don't see a dye content listed. My henna was 2010 BAQ - IDK what the dye content was but hennasooq's 2011 Jamila has a 2.6% dye content. People who've reviewed it still say the Yemeni is deeper color more of a true red. I do like Jamila's coppery color - I've gotten used to it. Can't decide. I think I'll try Yemeni. I can always go back to Jamila.

My last henna treatment (with 2010 BAQ Jamila) turned out better than usual. My grays were almost completely covered versus just having a light orangey tint. I used less leave-in cond. with it so it was less diluted. I can't get it through my hair w/o using some kind of oils and/or cond. with it. Thanks for the advice, ya'll.