I have to second what kathymack said. Hair properties make much more of a difference in product choice than curl or wave pattern. For example, Kimmidawn and I are hair twins, despite our very different curl patterns. We almost always have the exact same results with products because our hair properties are the same- to the point that if she likes something it's almost a guarantee that I'll have great results also. I think if you continue to dig you will find a ton of helpful information from people with all kinds of curl patterns.

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Glad I checked this topic again agree with Corrina and kathymack in the fact that hair properties make the biggest difference in the world. Corrina and I actually connected over a random post on here (I think it was something like how we both had "agreeable hair"), and when we compared notes on our hair properties and our successes/failures, we realized we essentially had the same hair in how it would react to products and what would give us similar results (more clumps, more curls, etc). However, just from going on curl pattern, I'm relatively "far away" from Corrina (me being 2b, her being 3a).
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